KLST--introducing_klang_vcvrack_plugin running klangstrom applications in a dedicated Klangstrom VCV Rack Plugin and changing them at runtime.

today i was looking into integrating klangstrom into VCV rack. i was interested in finding a way to circumvent the complicated VCV-rack plugin build system. i came up with the idea to create and build a basic plugin structure that would call setup and audioblock functions in a dynamic library ( aka .dylib or .so ) and then only replace the dynamic library.

the approach works fine and i was even able to make it work from within the arduino enviroment. which i think is pretty, pretty cool. this now allows to develop a klangstrom sketch in the arduino IDE and then decide to either run it in a desktop environment, as a VCV Rack modul, or on a dedicated klangstrom board ( e.g KLST_CORE ).