27 days later … the PCBs have arrived.

to be fair JLCPCB produced and delivered as quickly as advertised. however, the german customs took their time. the package was suspended for at least 14 days without any action.

first and foremost i am excited to see if the boards work! but before i manually assemble the last components, a first critic on the PCBs:

  • the quality looks ok.
  • some scratches on the surface but never mind.
  • i am not too happy with the typography and the silkscreen ( although this is not to be blamed on JLCPCB i guess ). it is too small and flimsy. however, even the small font is readable quite nicely … but just doesn t look as solid as i hoped.
  • JLCPCB added a serial number although i had asked and prepared everything to have that not happen. this is something i have to discuss with them in future productions.
  • as ordered the boards are green … i just do not like this PCB color. let s see if there is a way to get them to produce matt black ones in the future.
  • footprint graphics do not look cool. let s see if and how they are covered by the actual components. maybe i need to go all graphic design on them in a future release.
  • components seem to be placed nicely … lord, 0402 is soooo small ;)

… off to the soldering station!