one of the ten KLST_TINY packages for the students.

today i have handed out the first packages to a selected group of students. very exciting! i am curious to see how they will interact with the KLST_TINY board.

what is and what is not in the package?

a package is comprised of

  • a KLST_TINY board carefully bedded on
  • a foam cushion packed in
  • a bag DIN A5 mesh bag complemented by
  • a USB-micro cable ( for programming + power supply ) both in a happy friendly color.

there are currently 7 packages available.

optionally one or more of the folling items can be included:

  • CTIA-OMTP-converter :: this connector is required if you plan on using apple-style headsets ( connector with 3 rings, where ring 3 is MIC and ring 2 is GND ) (3×)
  • 6PIN-flat-ribbon IDC cables :: this cable can be used to connect two boards via SERIAL (10×)
  • STLINK-programmer :: the programmer can be used to program the KLST_TINY board. it is a bit more convenient ( no button pressing needed ), a bit faster and can be particularily handy when developing USB applications (3×) but it s an extra device and requires an extra USB port

not included in the package are:

  • external speakers or headphones ( OUTPUT + INPUT ) or a headset ( HEADPHONES+MIC ) :: it is adivced to use speakers instead of headphones for development as errors or glitches in audio programming can produce harsh noises that can damage the ear
  • external USB power supply ( i.e USB power bank ) :: it can be handy to have an external power source at hand. if paired with a battery powered speaker KLST_TINY can be easily turned into a ubiquitous device
  • audio cables :: KLST_TINY requires 3.5mm audio connectors to connect to in- or output devices ( OUTPUT + INPUT )
  • SD card :: unhappy face it was planed to integrate an SD card reader into KLST_TINY. however, due to an error in the PCB design SD cards are currently neither readable nor writable. this will be fixed in the next version.