preparation are in full swing as jacob and dennis prepare for Primal Data their Make Sound Residency at IAC Malmö from 2021-09-20 to 2021-10-01.

Jacob Remin and Dennis P Paul will take a deep dive into fields of sensory brain and body hacking, generative complexity and brutalistic repetition through explorations of algorithmic composition and media experiments aimed at bodily resonance. The artists have collaborated on developing code and hardware infrastructures for sonic and data explorations during the last years; through teaching, thinking, talking, making and building. Recently they have casted this work into a robust framework for prototyping and developing computational audio and media systems.

Although Jacob and Dennis share a profound interest in the development of artistic potentials in form of infrastructures, frameworks and methods, for this project their aim is to step outside of the role of such system architects and explore what happens when starting applying our infrastructure in the design of digital systems of affect, scaled to powerful speakers and projectors.

The aim is to put emphasis on a workflow which highlights productive exploration, hacks, affect and effect as well as documentation. During this process we will reflect upon the developing experiments, while re-working the teaching materials from several years of teaching generative design and programming to interaction designers, through strategies of algorithmic composition at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

Thoughts, materials and experiments will be collected and presented at the website thecommune.one