slightly bigger, a bit cumbrously + black&white.

although KLST_SHEEP turned out to be really nice it is not at all perfect yet. i am still not happy with the green color of the PCB, the tiny RAM is a problem when working with pre- or live-recorded audio data, and the TFT display on an extra PCB is just not cool.

for these, and some other reasons, i have already started planning a new board: KLST_PANDA

PANDA you ask? well, it will be a bit bigger than KLST_SHEEP, will come with a general friendly attitude towards things but also be a bit cumbrously, it will exist in small numbers only, it will be a bit more independent of others, and most importantly hopefully finally black&white.

the rough description of the changes compared to KLST_SHEEP are as follows:

  • combination of KLST_SHEEP + KLST_GRASS ( which i might not produce at all then )
  • 64MB SDRAM
  • built-in TFT display ( directly on PCB + maybe parallel interface )
  • SD Card with SDIO/SDMMC support
  • STM32H7II MCU ( as used in KLST_CORE with enough pins for SDRAM and parallel display interface )
  • battery holder ( 18650 cells ) + charger circuit
  • USB-C connector
  • black&white PCB
  • and maybe a case