KLST_PANDA is in production now at JLCPCB with PCB production and assembly. it took a bit for all the externally sourced parts to arrive but everything is good to go now.

this batch consists of 3 fully assembled PCBs. therefore the per-board price is quite high. it is well beyond 100,00 EUR. however, when producing a larger number the price will drop quite dramatically.

the idea is that this is not the final board but that there will be another version which fixes all potential errors and problems on this board.



i am soooo curious to see if all or at least most of the modules on this board work: external memory, parallel TFT LCD bus, rechargeable battery, analog MIDI, new audiocodec, new SD card bus, etcetera … the list of hitherto ( <<< love that word ;) ) untested modules is quite long. keeping fingers crossed!