KLST_PANDA+ADC+DAC DAC stepping through the full voltage range from 0.0–3.3V

KLST_PANDA features an ADC1 and a DAC exposed via 3.5mm audio jacks. both audio connectors are configured so that TIP carries input or output signal while RINGS and SLEEVE are tied to GND.

the DAC has a voltage range from 0.0–3.3V and a resolution of 12-bit. it is also reverse voltage protected. the DAC uses the peripheral DAC1.

the ADC is clamped at a voltage range from 0.0–3.3V. the ADC is clocked at ADC at 64MHz but takes one-shot measures at speed of 2.5 cycles2. the ADC uses peripheral ADC3.

  1. there are actually 2 other ADCs exposed via the GPIO port. 

  2. a quick measurement shows that it takes slightly less then 3ms to generate one sample. which is interesting as i would associate cycle with clock cycles. i need to investigate this.