last week i finished Round #1 i.e Basic Hardware Tests. the result was PRETTY good. i collected a few minor errors and improvements in 2024-02-05-KLST_PANDA-v1.0a-Errata and kept track of the test in 2024-02-06-KLST_PANDA-Modules.

TBH i was quite surprised that almost all new components ( especially the new audio codec, the external memory, the new SD card bus and the parallel display ) seem to work just fine.

almost? yes, there is one real issue. the smallest of all seems to be the most stubborn one: the on-board microphones. i have not 100% given up on in yet. however, i am running out of ideas and have the feeling that there is something wrong.

for Round #2 i will now look into the performance of the modules and will organize the firmware.